Where’s the Data? How to Find Your Biggest Governance, Security, and Privacy Risks
1 Hour
Where’s the Data? How to Find Your Biggest Governance, Security, and Privacy Risks
Over the last decade, data has become the driving force behind businesses, economies, and daily life. But sometimes, something as simple as knowing what data you have, and where that data lives within (and outside of) your organization, can be your biggest governance, security and privacy risk. As stricter data laws are enacted across the globe and consumers exercise new privacy rights over their data, it’s more crucial than ever to find the best ways to find, manage, query, and action data.
In this session, we’ll discuss:
How to know where data lives within and outside of your organization.
Governance, security, and privacy considerations for collecting, securing, and managing data.
Hear case studies about how companies are managing data challenges.
See how data discovery can help with broader data governance.
Financial Services (ex. Insurance)
Health Care
Chief Data Officer
Head of Information Governance
Head of Data Strategy
VP of Data Analytics
Data Engineer
Data Analytics Manager
Director of Infrastructure & Security
Information Governance Officer
Chief Information Officer
Head of Information Management
Data Protection Officer
VP of Data Infrastructure
Data Scientist
IT Director
IT & Governance Manager
Information Security Manager


Leila Jacob

Solutions Engineer, One Trust 

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Leila Jacob serves as a Data Governance Solutions Engineer at OneTrust – the #1 most widely used privacy, security and governance technology platform. In her role, Jacob supports companies throughout their data governance implementations to establish processes to support operations and align with their enterprise objectives, including gaining better knowledge and insight of their Data landscape, ensuring data meets compliance and policy requirements and enabling greater use of the data. Jacob is a Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPM, CIPP/E and earned a Bachelors in Computer Science from Thomas Edison State University.
1 Hour
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