ADCG Privacy Law Comparison Chart

In 2018, the European Union launched its landmark data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What followed can only be described as a wave of data privacy laws that swept the globe. Legislators from California to Brazil, to…

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Data Breach Laws

Data Breach Laws

Major data breaches have become a near-daily occurrence. Some of the largest and most well-recognized companies have rocked the headlines. These notable names include LinkedIn, Mercedes Benz, and Equifax. Every state has a data breach statute on the books, but…

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Nine Steps for Maturing Beyond Checkbox Compliance

Avoid Audit Fatigue with a Unified Compliance Strategy

A common mistake many organizations make is approaching cybersecurity
as a series of actions taken in order to check the right compliance boxes.
If this sounds familiar, it’s likely that you’ve witnessed something similar
to the cycle of crisis-driven audit preparation, a suspenseful audit,
remediating based on those findings, and waiting until the next hurried
audit preparation phase returns.

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