Opinion: Privacy Predictions For 2020

Opinion: Privacy Predictions for 2020

The evolution of privacy requirements and risks has progressed at lightning speed; we’re a far cry from listing “dumpster diving” as a critical risk in exposing personally identifiable information (PII) as we did 20 years ago. Paper shredding may still have its place in security protocols for now, but today, the rapid advancement of technology…

Gene Ret

Eugene (Gene) Ret has been in the financial services sector for 45+ years. He has been a Privacy Professional for 20 of those years as a Senior Privacy Compliance Officer for two global banks. His responsibilities included managing the creation of private offices to develop and coordinate firm-wide policies and procedures regarding privacy and the safeguarding of customer data. This included the development and implementation of annual risk assessments documenting the effectiveness of privacy controls. Gene was one of the first to employ “best in class” privacy practices and protocols as a practitioner of “privacy by design,” and he participated in the early development of bankers’ recommendations to federal regulators regarding effective and appropriate privacy standards. He has been a presenter at bank trade associations’ symposiums on various privacy matters and is a frequent contributor to online privacy forums and discussions on new and trending privacy topics. He studied at Thomas Edison University and has completed courses of study at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is currently an independent consultant in general banking compliance, specializing in privacy.

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