How Organizations Should Prepare for the New York SHIELD Act

How Organizations Should Get Ready for the New York SHIELD Act In the absence of comprehensive federal data protection privacy …
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Data privacy artificial intelligence

Guidance on Explaining Artificial Intelligence Decisions: Data Privacy Aspects

Artificial intelligence has the ability to transform nearly every aspect of modern life. In many ways it already has. From …
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New York Privacy Act

New York Privacy Act: It Goes Beyond CCPA

The idea that consumers own their private financial information can be traced to an early 1970s California state constitutional amendment …
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Cybersecurity Compliance Standards are Getting an Update. Are Your Legacy Systems?

Executives typically have long to-do lists. With new cybersecurity standards mandating the C-Suite to become more involved in cybersecurity operations, …
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Phishing BEC

Phishing Schemes are Only Getting More Sophisticated

Pretexting is the New Phishing Email phishing schemes may seem like a tactic from bygone days – when the internet …
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2019 in Data Breaches: What We Can Learn

It’s difficult to quantify the damage done by a data breach. One could certainly rank 2019’s data breaches by records …
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National Labor Review Board Allows Employers to Ban Personal Use of Company Email

National Law Review reported yesterday that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled in a 3-1 majority decision that employers …
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What All Financial Institutions Can Learn From the Capital One Breach

Learning lessons from another financial institution’s mistake, such as the Capital One Breach in 2019, is one of the best …
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Does Your Company Need to Comply With CCPA?

Should Your Company Be In Compliance With California’s CCPA Law? Here’s How to Find Out. With new breaches happening every …
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Chief Compliance Officers Need to Know Cybersecurity

New Government Standards Raise the Stakes With both the Fed and the FTC preparing to implement a new set of …
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