Data deletion requests and CCPA

CCPA Deletion Requests Are Piling Up

It’s impossible to predict all of the long-term effects of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), but businesses can already …
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From LeadersEdge

Advisory Board Member Jody Westby: Coronavirus Response Requires D&O Review

Editors Note: This article was written by Advisory Board Member, Jody Westby, for LeadersEdge, the content platform of The Council …
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Data Privacy

Complying with Data Privacy Law Lends a Competitive Advantage

Data governance and data privacy compliance almost always complement each other. When organizations are compliant with data privacy and security …
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Ghana Data and Cyber Governance

ADCG Charter Member Spotlight: Benjamin Mensah in Ghana

Benjamin Mensah is the Senior Supervisor, Compliance Monitoring, and AML with Republic Bank Ghana Limited in Accra, Ghana. Mensah is …
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data encryption

Current Industry Regulations for Data Encryption: Are You Up to Date?

Though data is an incredibly valuable resource, more data generally means more responsibility. A larger amount of data presents a …
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CCPA enforcement

CCPA to be Enforced July 1: How Businesses Need to Prepare.

Much has changed due to the Covid-19 crisis. But one thing that’s remained unchanged is the California Attorney General’s plan …
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Data Protection and the Pandemic

Data Protection During a Global Crisis

As the deadly COVID-19 pandemic rages on, public and private entities alike rush to find a cure, a vaccine, and …
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Corona Virus and Working from Home

How Small and Medium Enterprises Can Overcome Coronavirus-Related Compliance Challenges

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are encountering workflow-related challenges when it comes to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation …
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COVID-19 and Data Privacy: Health vs. Privacy

Opinion: COVID-19 and Data Privacy: Health vs. Privacy

This article was published on March 26, 2020 on Business Law Today, a publication of the American Bar Association, Business …
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Zoom Class Action Law Suits

Zoom May Become New Poster Child for CCPA Enforcement

While COVID-19 has taken quite the toll on the economy, a few lucky companies have managed to rise to the …
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