News Alerts and Weekly Report for Week of April 24, 2023

Florida Data Privacy Bill Headed For Vote

Florida’s legislators have sent two data privacy bills—Senate Bill 262, and House Bill 1547—back to their respective chambers for final votes. Both HB 1547 and SB 262, aim to give consumers more power over their personal data, but criticisms that the SB 262’s original language would hurt small business have led to recent amendments that tighten its focus. If passed with these amendments, the bill would protect consumer data from a select group of target companies including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook. According to the Tampa Bay Times, “the measure now applies to for-profit companies that make over $1 billion in global gross revenue and either derive 50% of their revenue from ad sales, operate a consumer smart speaker with a voice command component or operate an app store or digital distribution platform,” that offers at least 250,000 unique software applications.

Data Privacy Software Market Size to Reach $30 Billion

By 2030, the global data privacy software market will be worth $30 billion. That’s according to projections from Fortune Business Insights, which notes a CAGR of more than 40 percent for the sector. Key factors propelling growth include increased IoT device adoption, increased data privacy legislation, and remote work driving digital platform adoption.

Montana Passes Data Privacy Law

In a historic vote last week, the Montana legislature became the first Republican-controlled body to unanimously pass Republican Senator Daniel Zolnikov’s SB 384—and the first to pass a bill requiring the recognition of universal opt-out mechanisms. The bill aligns closely with Connecticut’s CTDPA, and would apply to any entity that handles the personal information of more than 50,000 Montana residents. The bill also creates special restrictions on targeted advertising using children’s data. The bill does not allow a private right of action, but allows businesses a right to cure violations until 2026. Montana Governor Greg Gianfort is expected to sign the bill next week, and it will take effect January 1, 2025.

NTT Research Unveils New Encryption Tool

 At its recent 2023 Upgrade Reality Summit NTT Research unveiled and demonstrated a new cryptographic technology that allows data to be used safely in aggregate. The tool, which NTT calls a “private telemetry system,” uses encryption to “help companies safely access, contextualize, and use the data they need to build customer-centric products and services while assuring individual consumers that these companies are never exposed to their personal data.” Read the report here.


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