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Members Only Roundtable Event: How Data Governance Powers Data Insights
Thursday, October 14th  
1pm EST
Members Only Roundtable Event: How Data Governance Powers Data Insights
Data is arguably a company’s most valuable digital asset and data leaders understand that strong governance tethers D&A strategy to business value. But rather than facilitate better data usage across the enterprise, many governance approaches falter because they are overly restrictive or lack proper business context and clarity. In this conversation, data officers share tools and techniques for better, value-first data governance.

Come prepared to discuss:

  • How are Data regulations impacting digital transformation efforts?
  • How data governance programs can lead to better understanding of your data landscape.
  • How better understanding of data will enable greater business use of data.
  • The contributions Data Governance will have to your privacy initiatives and lead to better compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and LGPD.
  • What steps can be takes to facilitate other initiatives such as cloud migration.


Nick Brandreth

Data Governance Sales Manager at OneTrust 

Nick Brandreth serves as a Data Governance Sales Manager at OneTrust – the #1 most widely used privacy, security and data governance technology platform. In his role, Nick advises companies throughout their data governance implementations to establish processes to support operations and align with their enterprise objectives, including gaining better knowledge and insight of their Data landscape, ensuring data meets compliance and policy requirements and enabling greater use of the data. Nick spent over 16 years in information security focused on infrastructure and data security. Throughout his career, Nick has evangelized cutting-edge technologies and implemented modern solutions to resolve challenges more effectively. His pursuit of innovation has helped establish the companies he worked for as leaders in their space.
Thursday, October 14th 
1pm EST
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