Digital Signature Security and Ensuring the Digital Chain-of-Custody
Protecting Privacy and Provenance
Wednesday, January 26  
9am EST
Digital Signature Security and Ensuring the Digital Chain-of-Custody
This program will include an overview of the digitization of data and transactions in today’s global economy, emphasizing the expanding need for digital signatures to ensure legal enforceability of digital transactions. It will then introduce digital signature technologies and why ZorroSign choose private, permissioned blockchain as the architecture for its digital signature solution—with a brief introduction to blockchain technology itself, and the differences between public blockchains used as cryptocurrencies and private blockchains used for distributed applications (dApps). It will describe the growing need for user authentication and document verification to ensure enforceability of digital records, including immutability and auditing to verify the unbroken chain-of-custody digitally. The speaker will explain the risks of not ensuring user authentication, document verification, immutability, and unbroken chains-of-custody as businesses, governments, and individuals move to digital transactions and record-keeping. And will close tying digital signature security and the digital chain-of-custody to ADCG’s larger goal of increasing knowledge within organizations and across industry sectors on data management, cybersecurity, and governance.
An attendee will learn
How more and more corporations, governments, and other organizations are moving to digital operations.
How digital signatures are an emerging solution set to complement digital operations, specifically transactions and transaction record-keeping.
How blockchain technology supports data privacy and security, how it can be used for digital signatures and ensure the chain-of-custody.
How user authentication and document verification are critical pieces of digital operations, and how difficult it can be to ensure such authentication and verification.
The risks to organizations attempting digital transactions without ensuring user authentication and document verification, and the larger data privacy and security issues addressed by blockchain technology.
How digital signature security and ensuring the digital chain-of-custody is a key piece of the larger effort to protect privacy and provenance as organizations move towards greater and greater digital operations.
What makes this course unique?
Shamsh Hadi’s global perspective on digital privacy and data security, paired with his experience with blockchain technology, and entrepreneurial spirit as founder of several companies include global technology firm, ZorroSign, Inc.
Hadi is an advisory board member of ADCG and life-long champion of data democratization, digital privacy, and ensuring sustainability with emerging technology.
Department heads across accounting
Valuable for all industries using digital signatures—education, financial services, government, healthcare, law enforcement, legal services, real estate, retail, technology, etc.


Shamsh Hadi

Co-founder of ZorroSign 

Shamsh Hadi is the award-winning CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign, Inc.—deploying blockchain technology to improve data privacy and security.
Wednesday, January 26  
9am EST
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