Data Protection During A Global Crisis

Data Protection During a Global Crisis

As the deadly COVID-19 pandemic rages on, public and private entities alike rush to find a cure, a vaccine, and at the very least, methods for limiting the uncontrolled multiplication of the virus. But exploring every possibility must be balanced with the protection of data privacy – and that can be difficult. Take for example…

Sowmya Kandregula

Sowmya Tejha Kandregula is an Advisory Board Member of ADCG and a seasoned Data Management professional with over 14 years of experience in Data Governance, Data Privacy, Data Security, Regulatory Compliance, Metadata Management, Master Data Management, Service Management & Agile Project Management. Sowmya’s proficiency is developing cohesive solutions for large and complex projects spanning multiple divisions and/or platforms.

He has a wealth of knowledge in building solutions that enable flexibility yet stability, an important component of software delivery for regulatory programs. Sowmya advocates about growing set of data demands including a changing landscape of privacy laws increased movement of data onto the cloud, and a greater dependency on quality governed data for machine learning and AI solutions.

Sowmya is an intent listener, a great storyteller, and follows creativity to express his subject expertise. He has mentored more than 800+ enthusiasts across the globe to get into the Information Technology space to become future leaders. He strongly believes in an innovative approach of ‘thinking & learning via questioning’.

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