COVID, crims and cash: Financial crime teams need to re-think laundering risks

This article is being reprinted by permission from the author. You can view the published article here. If you’re doing AML the same way you were in the pre-COVID world, you’re doing it wrong. Nathan Lynch speaks with some of Australia’s most experienced financial crime experts on the radically changing threat landscape in 2020 —…

Nathan Lynch

Nathan Lynch is an experienced public speaker, writer, manager and start-up enthusiast. He specializes in the fields of Financial Crime Intelligence, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing and Regulatory Risk. He has a passion for leading high-performance teams, scouting out opportunities, developing talent and supporting people to reach their career goals. At Thomson Reuters, Nathan takes a leadership role in identifying emerging threats, typologies, solutions and commercial opportunities in the Financial Crime & Risk Field. Nathan leads a team of experts who provide breaking news, deep analysis and practical guidance to more than 25,000 subscribers in the global financial services sector.

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