Don’t confuse it with a Privacy or Cybersecurity Course!

The Certified Data Officer (CDO) course expands the role of privacy and cybersecurity professionals and risk managers and teaches them how be a data officer and manage risks to all types of data in an organization, not just data subject to privacy laws, such as personally identifiable information (PII), health data, or non-public financial data.

Companies are being hacked each day. Cyber Criminals don’t just steal data subject to privacy laws.

The CDO certificate course provides the training necessary to protect an organization’s confidential / proprietary data, strategic plans, and intellectual property against insiders and cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are targeting the most valuable data in an organization, which often is not the data subject to privacy laws. When this data is not managed, it hinders incident response, increases business interruption losses, and harms the organization.

The CDO function enables organizations to develop a comprehensive data protection program that protects “privacy data” plus the data that is critical for operations and valuable to the company. The program is designed to help all sizes of companies from all industry sectors to build on what they have already developed and expand it using best practices and standards.

Why should I become a CDO?
Manage all of the Data: Learn how to protect all of an organization’s data, not just privacy data, from cybercriminals.
Enhance your value: Develop a solid Data Privacy & Protection Management program (DPPMP) in your organization.
Plan Ahead: Improve your career path and enhance your earning potential with a CDO Certificate.
I have other privacy or cybersecurity designations, why should I take the CDO Certificate Course?
Privacy is only one subset of an overall data management program, and principles in protecting privacy data are not valid for all data.
Data is the most valuable asset in most companies; it is also the least protected.
Learn how to dovetail privacy and cybersecurity best practices and prepare to be a data officer. Add value to your career and become valuable to your organization.
What will I learn in this program?
Data classification and links to cybersecurity controls
Best practices and standards
Compliance requirements and how to establish a data management program to fit your operations
How is this course taught?
Advanced reading material
Over xxx high-value takeaways (checklists, flowcharts, resources – don’t over promise here)
Course is live, interactive. Speak with instructor and other attendees.
No need to leave your office, delivered virtually
Panels with specialists who share real experience
Workshops designed to allow application of content
Q & A with the instructor and other attendees
Digital Badge to display on LinkedIn, your website, your signature


An attendee will learn:
The key laws and regulations applicable to a data privacy & protection management program (DPPMP)
Why DPPMP frameworks area important
The essential roles and responsibilities of a CDO and supporting staff
How to plan, launch, and grow a CDO function internally
How to adapt a DPPMP to fit the size of an organization and operational needs
The various organizational structures being used today
How to recruit and hire for a CDO function
How to interact with internal stakeholders
How to properly inform and involve board members
How to identify and track key data privacy and protection risks
How to manage third party and supply chain risks to data privacy and protection
How to establish internal metrics and reporting for the DPPMP
How to maintain accountability among stakeholders
How to manage liability through risk strategies coupled with insurance

A panel of industry experts will share lessons learned regarding organizational structures, recruiting for data privacy and protection positions, internal coordination, and involving and informing the board.

One Workshop will enable participants to establish a data privacy & protection function within a sample organization.

Another workshop will ask participants to act as a CDO advising their organization during either product development or an acquisition.

An exam follows the course. Participants who pass the exam will receive a frameable certificate and will become part of ADCG’s CDO Network.



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