Building Blocks for a Successful Data Governance Career
Part 1
30 minutes
Building Blocks for a Successful Data Governance Career
Data and cyber governance duties fall in many different parts of the organization. As organizations become more aware of the importance of data privacy, data protection and cyber governance, responsibilities are likely to converge, and these positions will be extremely important. Networking with others who have many of the same questions that you have will be critical to professional growth. Professional growth will also require staying up to date and taking continuing education courses on new best practices, laws and regulations.
Learn how the Association for Data and Cyber Governance can help you and your career by joining us for this thirty-minute information session which will dig into all of the rich benefits a member receives.
What makes this course unique?
This shall enable attendees on what it takes to become a Data Governance practioner and how to start their Data Governance career.
An attendee will learn how to:
What is Data Governance?
The importance of Data
Why is Data Governance Important?
Popular Misconceptions
Pillars of Data Governance
Roles in Data Governance
Skills Required to Succeed
Popular tools implementing Data Governance
Industry Focus
Any industry dealing with data, cyber or privacy needs (and everyone in the DIB)
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Systems Analyst
Software Testers
IT Enthusiasts


Carlos Solari

Chief Advisory Board at ADCG

Solari headshot - fixed
Carlos is a VP at SecureG, previously worked as CIO for Mission Secure, Inc. and George W. Bush White House. Prior roles include: IT Executive for FBI, VP for Information Security and Quality Programs at Alcatel Lucent and VP for Information and Cyber Security at CSC (Acquired by HP).

Sowmya Kandregula

Advisory Board at ADCG

Sowmya_Kandregula Pic

Sr. Data Governance Leader with over a decade of experience consulting for Walmart, AstraZeneca, NBC Universal, Harvard University IT, Royal Bank of Canada, JPMC, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. in the Data Governance space and mentored over 800+ IT enthusiasts across the globe to pursue Data Management as a career on a pro-bono basis.

30 minutes
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