AML and Cybersecurity: Critical Information from
FinCEN on Cybercrime Reporting

Cybercrime continues to grow throughout the world, especially during the pandemic and the new-age of remote working. There are numerous regulatory requirements to report cybercrime that must not be overlooked.

The need to forge cooperation between compliance and technology groups is extremely important to ensure that these events are not overlooked with regulatory authorities.

In this one-hour session, two experts will review the filing of suspicious activity reports, FinCEN requirements, and other obligations to report. Some mandatory and some discretionary and how to accomplish all of this efficiently.

How to make sure that AML and compliance have a seat at the table.
What reporting is mandatory and what is discretionary?
What events require reporting, which do not?
How to include these procedures in your security incident response plans.
The importance of creating awareness of cybercrime incidents and the importance of filing.
About the interplay between SAR reporting, 314(b) and cryptocurrency.

Who should take this course?

Compliance Staff
BSA Officers
AML Staff
Financial Crime Professionals
Investigative Units
Internal Audit
60 minutes

About the Presenters:

Matt Rosen: CEO and Founder Fintel Technologies, Inc., former Assistant District Attorney Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, former Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York, and former Deputy Director of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Financial Crime Task Force.
Jeffrey Thibeault: CTO and Co-founder Fintel Technologies, Inc., VP/Director of Engineering at Macmillan Learning, Co-Founder and Platform Technology Manager at IGA Worldwide.

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