If your organization offers products or services to the Data Privacy, Protection and
Cybersecurity Governance market, it should become an ADCG Affiliate Member.

Affiliate Membership offers organizations an array of products and services of appeal to their target audience. These organizations wish to have a more visible presence on the ADCG website or at our conferences and training events. Affiliate Members are offered customized opportunities to display their expertise, services and products at our online and live training and networking events aimed at providing our members and their organizations with the tools they need to enhance compliance and satisfy regulatory requirements.
ADCG does not sell advertising space. Visibility on the ADCG site, newsletters and web seminars is reserved for Affiliate Members who develop a comprehensive program with ADCG that allows ADCG to work together with the Affiliate Members for the benefit of members.

For information on how to become an Affiliate Member, please email Amy Willcox at [email protected]

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