A Practical Approach to CMMC

A practical look at the CMMC regulation through the eyes of a defense information security chief, a defense compliance office, and a defense program manager. Each have lived cybersecurity posture maturity through different lenses and bring varying perspectives – technical, legal, and program management. They will discuss not only how to think about and prepare for your organization’s CMMC certification, but also how DFARS cyber self-attestation continues to fit into the picture. 


How to gain a practical look at the CMMC regulation

The different lenses and varying perspectives of the technical, legal and program management of cybersecurity posture maturity

How to think about and prepare for your organization’s CMMC certification

How DFARS cyber self-attestation continues to fit into the picture

Who should take this course?

Chief Risk Officers

Data Protection Officers

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Information Officers

Data Privacy Officers

Product Development

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Legal Officer

Chief Information Security Officer


60 minutes


Daniel Medina

Senior Director At Ankura

Daniel V. Medina is a Senior Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC. Daniel has over 20 years of experience as an information security executive in the United States Government and in the private sector both domestically and abroad. He is a proven national security, cybersecurity, policy strategic risk planner, and operations leader who had managed various security engagements, including security architecture reviews, security baseline standards development, enhancing the protection of controlled unclassified information, and incident response cases. Daniel specializes in designing pragmatic standards-based solutions to complex information security programs in order to meet business needs and ensure success. 

Daniel is a Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive Fellow, an alumni of the Carnegie Mellon Executive Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Program.

Stephen Gilmer

Senior Director at Ankura

Stephen P. Gilmer is a Senior Director at Ankura based out of Washington, DC. Stephen is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with more than 25 years of experience as a technical expert and executive leader focused on securing technology companies’ most sensitive and valuable data and systems. Stephen previously was in-house CISO at both a biotechnology startup and at two Fortune 10 aerospace, defense, and technology companies. In these roles, Stephen designed and implemented sensitive data and IP security control programs; shaped policy at the national level and security framework formation; and proactively resolved complex investigation, audit, and regulatory oversight issues. 

Stephen is a Six Sigma Black Belt who led the transition of the IT infrastructure of a private start-up to address the regulator and operational requirements of becoming a publicly traded company. As a CISO executive in an aerospace defense company subject to a consent agreement with the United States Government, Stephen also led global cyber investigations, risk analysis, engagement, and mitigation controls necessary for the organization to successfully navigate oversight requirements and re-establish credibility with government customers. Concurrently, Stephen built an led the cybersecurity components required to support winning and executing multi-billion-dollar government contracts. 

Stephen frequently speaks at global cybersecurity conferences, publishes articles on the business necessity of proactive cyber risk management, and advises on and conducts cybersecurity education/training for corporate leadership including the board of directors, the C-suite and compliance officers.

Alan Levesque

Senior Managing Director

Alan Levesque is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura based in Washington, DC. Alan has over 30 years of experience as a senior C-suite executive, practicing litigation attorney, in-house legal counsel, and compliance professional. He has led cross-functional teams in multiple global organizations and across sectors to develop, implement and sustain practical solutions to the most pressing corporate legal and compliance problems. 

Alan brings a broad perspective and diverse skillset to solve serious regulator issues across a wide spectrum of compliance matters. Alan assists clients of all sizes and industries both to address discrete issues and complement the client’s overall compliant posture long-term. 

Having led two international aerospace and defense companies through challenging regulator consent agreements, Alan is a tested leader who has built compliance programs that regain regulator and public trust, and serve as models for leading compliance and risk management standards. 

Alan is widely respected in the industry and amongst regulators as an effective change agent to drive compliance and operational improvement. A recognized thought leader on enterprise risk and compliance program development. Alan is a frequent speaker on compliance, ethics, and business conduct at industry legal and compliance forums. 

Alan is a former United States Army field artillery officer who completed the Army’s rigorous Ranger and Airborne courses and had the honor to command units of the American Soldiers. 

Rodney Visser

Science Research Corporation | Director, Cyber & Intel Programs

Rodney has more than 20+ years of specialized experience in computer/network security, with a specialty in offensive cyber. He has built, accredited, and threat tested hundreds of government and civililan networks. Rodney has been in technical leadership positions within the military, government, and industry. He currently is the Director of Cyber & Intel Programs within SRC’s ATS Division based out of Huntsville, AL and is working on his PhD in computer science at Auburn University. 

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